Awesome feature

Backend Business Process and Features Designed to KILL SME’s Problems

Set the timeline

Quick company response time and standardized replies using the built-in knowledge base and response templates.

Powerful search engine

Designed for users to search specific opportunities or suppliers, based on users industry group/category.

Integrated with users’ corporate SOP

Create, manage, review and determine every aspect of a tender process, then incorporate it into users’ internal SOP.

Mobile E-Procurement

Empowering decision makers to manage and respond to new opportunities any time and anywhere.

Understand the customer

See patterns of use and the credibility/capability of your potential customers or suppliers using our easy-to-review user account profiles.

Expert add-on advisory services

Notify our customer service to immediately access our expert industry advisor(s).

How It Works

It is all simple & straight forward!! and it starts with just simply browsing for suppliers or opportunities!!

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Built and designed with full understanding on how industries actually interacted, The Sourze system simply put you in total control on two important aspect of day-to-day activities which is finding the reputable supplier to produce your products/services and finding the opportunities to put your products/services right in front of decisions makers.

Whatever the size of your business, The Sourze is a perfect platform for you to monitor, manage and engage with your suppliers or opportunity providers. With accurate and powerful search engine, The Sourze will filter, optimize and provide accurate information about your supplier and opportunities for you to choose.

All information and business leads are collected and classified by detailed industry classification, keywords and regions to match exactly what you been looking for.

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How to Register

Fill out registration form

Upload your required documents (to enable full functionality)

Activate your account (Before login activate your account using the link sent to your email address, please check spam folder as well)

Get ready for business

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List of Opportunities

Using our latest system, get a list of your suppliers and tender opportunities on the go. Wherever you're, never miss out an opportunities by staying active using our platform.


Choose the right plan for your membership type

FREE member

0 / 12 Months
  • Limited page result of opportunities / suppliers search
  • Bid for tenders (limited per month)
  • Project management features
  • Limited public profile display – limited product photos display and limited company description
  • Show up in domestic search result by other users
  • Receive & respond to all enquiries
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Get it

Stop looking, start making business case. Our system will be made available for IOS, Android and web-based devices users. Our system is your mobile business pitch platform.


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INTICON provides tailored services focusing on clients' specific demands in international and domestic markets. Our industry knowledge and services enable companies ranging from start-ups, small-medium enterprises to established corporations to focus on their core priorities and achieve their specific goals


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